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    cleanliness through our work

    At Winclean, with our 200 cleaners we will ensure that our customers’ premises are always spotless and clean, day after day – standing behind our work with professional pride.

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    ensuring satisfaction each day

    We serve our customers with maintenance and specialized cleaning services with quality that can be seen and felt. This is also evidenced by the results of our customer satisfaction survey, where 97 % of our customers recommend us.

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    we are ready to deliver on our promises

    Interested? Welcome to be our customer. To find out what we are made of take contact to our sales and ask our cleaning offer!



We at Winclean are known for always delivering our promises; taking professional pride in what we do and listening carefully to what the customer needs. Quality isn’t quality until our customer feels so.

We have an experienced staff of 250 employees in the Tampere, Turku and Hämeenlinna regions.


new partner

Are you looking for a new partner for your cleaning needs? Winclean is focused on caring for our customers’ premises, responsibly and professionally. For us, this means that we will serve you as an expert partner in cleaning issues and assume comprehensive responsibility for your daily cleaning and related development work with consideration to quality and environmental aspects.



As professionals, we take care of the daily cleanliness, safety and comfort of your working environment. We offer maintenance-cleaning services that are optimised for specific sites, such as industry and office facilities and commercial premises.

Our services always come with a quality assurance and we assume comprehensive responsibility for our daily work and its constant supervision.



With a decade of experience, we can handle the cleaning of facilities all the way from the construction phase to the commissioning of the building. Our competent special-cleaning unit also takes care of the washing of industrial machines, window cleaning in high locations, treatment procedures for stone floors, washing of escalators, and many other processes requiring special expertise.


Our motivated and professional staff is one of the cornerstones of our success. We are constantly looking for new professionals to join our team.

For more information on our vacancies, please contact our recruitment partner Nordic Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy.

+358 10 835 2120